Justin Montez

Justin Montez always dreamed of playing for the Astros and today he’s working his dream job for the organization.  Like many of us, Justin Montez enjoyed the Astros’ 2017 World Series Championship as a lifelong loyal fan.  After much hard work by Justin, the Astros hired him in January 2019 in their IT department. He is proud to report that he is an American League Champion team member. “Working with the team, I have gained a new appreciation,” Montez said. “It’s a complete honor to be part of it. We are here from 8 a.m. until after the game, to get the stadium going, and it all pays off.”

His passion and pursuit of the game was inspired and shared with Montez’ dear friend the late, great Stafford High head baseball coach Michael Mesa.  They graduated from SHS together in May 2008.  In tribute to his friend, Montez co-founded the non-profit Mission4Mike which works to ensure that Coach Mesa’s legacy lives on.“Mike was a huge Astros fan,” Montez said. “He would have been  super proud of how they’re doing right now.”

Montez, who will travel to Washington D.C. for the World Series games, has a special message for current Stafford Spartans:

“No matter how hard life is or no matter how small of a school you come from, keep chasing your dreams, and they will come true. I always dreamed of playing for the Astros and though I wasn’t able to play for them, through hard work, I can now say I’m an American League Champion working my dream job for this organization.”

In what he described as a 'dream come true', Stafford High School Class of 2008 graduate Justin Montez is the second-most important Justin in the Houston Astros organization.