Crystal Reyes

Crystal Reyes is a proud graduate and staff member of SMSD.  A native of Laredo, Reyes moved to Stafford in seventh grade and enrolled at Stafford Middle School. A year after her high school graduation, Reyes began working at SMSD’s summer school as a Bilingual/ESL aide.  She later move to Attendance Clerk at Stafford Elementary School.

In 2017, Reyes became the Assistant PEIMS Coordinator, working closely with then-PEIMS Coordinator Leonila Zambrano. As PEIMS Coordinator, she oversees student and staff data and is responsible for reporting it to the Texas Education Agency.

“I am extremely grateful for the time I spent with Ms. Zambrano,” Reyes said. “I am very blessed to have worked with her and to have had her as a mentor. I will be forever grateful for that.”

Working at SMSD is a huge blessing and means even more to me because I went to school here. I had great teachers and friends. Now, I have great colleagues.