Kevin Paredes: A Spartan Tribute

In 2012, Luz Maria Hernandez left Villa González Ortega in Zacatecas, Mexico with her husband Felipe Paredes. The Paredes family loved to spend time together and shared a passion for all things soccer. Eventually, they would settle on home in Stafford, Texas. This move marked the start of the Paredes becoming part of the Spartan family for nearly a decade and counting. 

All of the Paredes children were enrolled at SMSD at the same time and Kevin started 6th grade as part of the Class of 2019. When he started high school, he followed his passion and immediately joined the soccer team.

"Kevin loved SMSD! I had the pleasure of meeting this gentle and noble young man when I joined the Spartan family. His infectious kind spirit grew on me quickly...a wonderful and tenacious young Spartan."

Ms. Carrie Sims, Stafford High School Counselor

He would go on to play as much soccer as possible until he was diagnosed with Scoliosis during his Junior year. Much of that school year was spent outside of the classroom dealing with multiple surgeries, but he managed to stay kind, sweet, and passionate. He walked the stage as a distinguished graduate with a multidisciplinary endorsement. After graduation, his family noticed he was making positive new adjustments at his job and in his personal life — living life to the fullest.

The alumnus unexpectedly passed away on January 1, 2021 in an unrelated accident while celebrating the New Year with his family near Round Rock, Texas. It has always been a Paredes family tradition to spend the New Year together, and Kevin was especially fond of the Austin area.

"He was an enjoyable student to have in the soccer program.  Spartans both current and past have reached out to me and are saddened to hear of his passing.  We are extremely shaken to have such a young life taken far too soon."

Coach Ruben Perez, Head Boys' Soccer Coach

His youngest sister, Perla Paredes will be graduating as a Spartan in the Class of 2021 later this year. Losing her brother has been surreal. She admitted, "It's been a lot, but I want Stafford to know that he was kind and worked hard. He loved music like banda and reggaeton. He also loved cars, especially his new truck — he really loved it. But his favorite was Bella, his niece. She turns 2 years old this month. They were best friends."

Spartan family, please keep the Paredes family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.