SMSD Bond 2024

Our mission in Stafford Municipal School District is for every student to graduate college and career ready without remediation. The board of trustees and city council voted in February of 2024 to call a bond issue for May of 2024 on the ballot for voters to consider. The items included for consideration are renovations, updates, security and technology. 

Bond Overview

Prop A: Renovations, Land, & Transportation

Over the next 7 years, SMSD plans to provide our students with facilities that will be updated throughout the district. Read more about Proposition A.

Prop B: Technology

Over the next 7 years, SMSD will maintain 1 to 1 student and teacher devices and provide upgrades to the latest technology, which will include updated devices and software systems. Read more about Proposition B.

Voter Information

For information on voting dates and locations, please visit our Voter Information Page.

Additional Bond Information