Veterans 2021: Forever Our Heroes

Veterans Day on November 11 is special to Stafford MSD, and we give thanks and honor to all veterans, especially those who are a part of the SMSD team and part of the Stafford community. We are grateful that they have served our country and others, and it is a honor to pause and reflect on their extraordinary courage and commitment. At SMSD, we have 13 veterans on staff throughout all of our campuses including our IT and Transportation department. 

Mr. Charles Benton
Title / Rank:
 Sergeant, Tactical Air Command
Military Branch: United States Air Force Europe 

Mr. Steven Bobino
Title / Rank:
Military Branch: United States Army
"I was drafted into the military."

Mr. Joseph Caldwell
Title / Rank:
 Petty Officer 3rd class, Electrician (EM3)
Military Branch: United States Navy
"I joined the military because I was involved with JROTC through my years in high school. My mother, grandfather, and great grandfather were also part of the military."

Ms. Jonicque Ellis
Title / Rank:
 Corporal, E4
Military Branch: United States Army National Guard
"I joined the military for a plethora of reasons.  However, the educational and VA benefits were my strongest motivators.  After joining, I quickly found out that there were other facets that I did not anticipate to receive.  The United States military also instills in a service member values and skills that are conducive to life outside the military. The military promotes discipline, promptness and integrity and values that that are essential to life in the private sector. Life for me as a soldier and a civilian has been a lesson of great resilience and profound opportunities.  There is no greater purpose in life than to serve one’s people, family and country.  In addition, military service gives you the opportunity to be part of an elite brotherhood (and sisterhood) of America’s finest. You are given the opportunity to protect the ones you love, and you get the chance to fight for the values of freedom, equality and unity that founded this nation.  It is also by far the most selfless act anyone can do for the comfort of freedom." 


Major (Retired) Yulanda Glutz
Title / Rank:
 Senior Army Instructor Stafford HS, Major
Military Branch: United States Army
"I joined the military because I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father. He passed in 2014, but what he did for my mother and her 5 children meant a lot – he served 24 years in the United States Army."

Mr. Jackie King
Title / Rank:
Military Branch: United States Air Force
"I joined during the Vietnam war." 

Mr. Rodney Nelson
Title / Rank:
Military Branch: United States Army
"I volunteered to join the United States Army."

Ms. Djuna Pickens
Title / Rank: 1st Lieutenant, OIC (Officer in Charge) of Personnel Utilization
Military Branch: United States Air Force
"I joined the United States Air Force as a means to pay for my college education and to travel the world!" 

Mr. Mario Prevost
Title / Rank:
 Sergeant, Maintenance Chef
Military Branch: United States Marine Corps
"I joined because I felt it was my duty to serve my country."

Mr. Christopher Reid
Title / Rank:
 YN3, Submarine Service
Military Branch: United States Navy
"I joined right after high school and signed up in part due to the first Gulf War. My father was in the army during the Vietnam War and my uncle served in the Navy. I remembered going on a Tiger cruise on his boat for 5 days and felt the Navy was a good way to honor his service, and the other perks such as the GI bill assisted."

Mr. Christopher Rode (Retired)
Title / Rank: HM1 (DV/PJ) 
Military Branch: United States Navy
"I joined the Navy to give something back to this great country of ours because it has done so much for us."

Ms. Shalena Stafford
Title / Rank:
 Army SPC, Medical Service
Military Branch: United States Army
"I joined while attending college at Grambling State University, where I also trained Military Science Cadets. I joined because multiple family members were a part of the Armed Forces, and I wanted the experience for myself."

CSM (Retired) John Williamson
Title / Rank:
Command Sergeant Major
Military Branch: United States Army
"I joined to serve my country and to go to college with the GI Bill."

SMSD honors all of our veterans, including the many veteran community members of Stafford. You are forever our heroes. Thank you always for your service!