Trio of Stafford Seniors to Earn HCC Degrees

Congratulations to Stafford High School seniors Kevin Nguyen, Samantha Sadeghi and Miriam Santacruz!

In May, these students will become the first Stafford MSD students to earn an Associate's Degree before they walk across the stage to accept their high school diploma.

They will begin college as sophomores or juniors, which represents a savings of approximately $30,000.

Houston Community College officials were on hand at Monday Night's Board Meeting to recognize the students, along with Stafford MSD Superintendent Dr. Robert Bostic and the SMSD Board of Trustees.

All three students decided to pursue a slate of Dual Credit Courses after taking Blake Hambleton’s Dual Credit Film Class, through HCC.

“The classes challenged me to be more aware of time management,”said Nguyen, who will enroll at the University of Houston with plans of becoming a Mathematics Teacher.

Sadeghi said the Dual Credit Classes were a better fit for her than Advanced Placement. Her plans including University of Houston, to become an Optometrist, following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather.

Santacruz will continue at HCC, with eventual plans to study at the MD Anderson School of Health Programs’ Diagnostic Sonography Program. Her goal is to become an Ultrasound Technician.