Stafford TAFE Students Qualify For State

Stafford High School Teacher Carin Williamson is training the teachers of tomorrow today.

Williamson, who was the Stafford Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2017, made the transition to the high school where she teaches an Education course in the Stafford College & Career Center.

One of her key decisions was beginning an affiliation with the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE). The organization sponsors activities and competitions where students can test their skills.

Stafford’s TAFE Chapter nearly doubled the number of entries from 11 last year to 19 this year.

Eight students advanced to the State Competition, which will take place, Feb. 19-22, in McAllen.

  • Ja’Nell Houston – Children’s Literature (Pre-K)
  • Feyisara Olagunju – Children’s Literature (Pre-K)
  • Olivia Bratton – Project Visualize – Appreciation
  • Niara Ellis – Project Visualize – Appreciation
  • Emere Espradron – Project Visualize – Service
  • Aaliyah Scallion – Project Visualize  - Service
  • Jasmine Houston – Interactive Bulletin Board – Elementary
  • Hannah Olagunju – Interactive Bulletin Board - Elementary

Both Ja’Nell Houston and Feyisara Olagunju will have an opportunity to qualify for the National Competition in Washington D.C. (June 2020). They both created and illustrated a book for Pre-Kindergarten students.

“TAFE is definitely in line with teaching skills, as well as service and leadership,” Williamson said. “When they’re not competing, they attend breakout sessions that are taught by other students.”

The SHS Education Students also provide other services, such as babysitting for teachers during Open House and various community service projects.

In January, six of Williamson’s students will sit for the Paraprofessional Exam. If they pass, they will be eligible to work as a paraprofessional in a public school district, including SMSD, next year.

Stafford High Principal Raymond Root is so supportive of the TAFE Program that he said if those students graduate from college and fulfill the necessary requirements, they will have an interview waiting for them at SHS.