SMSD Ropes in 7 HLSR Art Ribbons

Updated on 02-10-2021

In February, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art season wrapped up for SMSD, but not without our student artists roping in 7 ribbons. 

Ms. Tammy Bui, the coordinator of the program this season, wanted to first and foremost give a special thank you to Ms. Tagliere (ECC), Ms. Hyppolite (Elementary), Ms. Garcia (Middle), and Ms. Brahm (Middle and High), and all students and parents who helped bring these works of art together.

"All of our art teachers really had to figure out how to make a tough situation work during COVID-19 and it was a lot of extra hours. They did it and I'm so proud of them," said Ms. Bui.

Usually, the pieces would be put on display at the Hayloft Gallery at the Rodeo in May, but a couple of days after the winning announcement, the HLSR and Hayloft Gallery display was canceled for May 2021. 

Currently, every student piece is still being considered for the HLSR School Art Auction, which is the ultimate prize. Some of the pieces can be auctioned from $1,500 all the way up to the Grand Champion, which is valued at up $38,000. Students would get to keep those funds. 

Grand Champion   $28,000   $38,000
Reserve Grand Champion   $14,000   $19,000
Class Champions   $5,500   $7,500
Reserve Class Champions   $4,500   $6,000
All Remaining Places   $1,500   $2,500


Ms. Bui's goal is that one day one of her students will sell at the School Art Auction, "Every year I see the selected pieces and I know our students work is that good, too!"

In the meantime, she is still having as much fun in her art classes as possible, "While I don't have a lot of students in person, I have ventured into the "wild west web". It's a different experience every day, but I'm there to talk them through their work. I know many are struggling, but I've just decided to have fun with it."

Be sure to tip your hats to these students when you see them!


Stafford High School

Isabella Pena in 10th Grade, Gold Medal (Painting)

Christopher Lopez-Brown in 12th Grade, Gold Medal (Mixed Medium)
"Secret Whisper"

Justin Amomoy in 10th Grade, Best of Show (Mixed Medium) 
"United Ambition"


Stafford Middle School

Leisha McArthur in 6th Grade, Gold Medal
"Waiting for Dinner"

Brad Martinez in 7th Grade, Best of Show
"Three Sheeps"


Stafford Elementary School

Joyce Lill in 3rd Grade, Gold Medal
"Let’s Mooove!"

Shahera Sawari in 5th Grade, Best of Show
"Holstein Cow Upclose"