SHS Justin Amomoy Goes to HLSR Art Auction

Congratulations to Sophomore Justin Amomoy, who is advancing to the HLSR School Art Auction and making SMSD history as the first student to ever make it to this round of the school art program! He is now eligible for a cash premium based on his placement.

Grand Champion   $28,000   $38,000
Reserve Grand Champion   $14,000   $19,000
Class Champions   $5,500   $7,500
Reserve Class Champions   $4,500   $6,000
All Remaining Places   $1,500   $2,500


The coordinator of the program this season, Ms. Tammy Bui actually forecasted the historic achievement only weeks ago. She shared her goal with SMSD that one day one of her students would sell at the HLSR School Art Auction, "Every year I see the selected pieces and I know our students' work is that good, too!"

Last month, Justin's art piece "United Ambition" was awarded Best of Show using a Mixed Medium. Other auction art pieces might include Colored Drawing, 3D Class, Monochromatic Drawing, Painting, in addition to Mixed Medium.

The HLSR art program promotes an awareness of agriculture, Western Heritage and Show activities through artistic competitions for area students. The artwork should depict the heritage, lifestyle, and landscapes of the West, both historical and present day.

Justin's placement in the auction has yet to be determined, but the auction will open on May 16 at the NRG Center. Times will be posted once available HERE.