SES COVID-19 Grading Policy Update

If your child is completing assignments via Study Island, please ensure that all assignments are finalized by the deadlines your child’s teacher has set. 

If your child is completing paper packets, please be sure to have this submitted to the Elementary office weekly, or you may photograph/scan the work to send directly to the teacher’s email/Class Dojo page.  This will allow ample time to grade and input the necessary assignments.   

The end of the grading period has been extended to April 10th, to allow students and teachers enough time to submit grades and assignments.  All assignments and deadlines for this 5th six weeks must be completed no later than April 10th.  Grades will be finalized by the campus during the week of April 13th, so that report cards may be mailed out to parents by April 20th. Deadlines for the 6th six weeks are currently set for April 13th – May 22nd; however, these dates could be adjusted as more information/updates come in from federal and state agencies.

All students in grades 1st – 4th who do not complete the required assignments by the deadline will be given an “I” on their Report Card.  This stands for Incomplete. 

All students in Pre-K and Kinder who do not complete their assignments by the required deadline will receive blanks on their Report Card along with a note from the teacher informing you that verification of progress is missing.  Pre-K and Kinder grades are performance-based and require direct teacher interaction.

If your student receives an “I” or a blank on his/her report card, please be sure to reach out to the teacher immediately to get this resolved. 

We understand that this may be a difficult time for everyone; however, Stafford Elementary is here to support you!  We want to continue to work together to ensure that learning continues for our students.  It is imperative that students continue to learn and work from home so that they can succeed and meet the state’s virtual learning requirements!