Robotics Wins Big From HCDE / EFHC

SMSD was awarded the Drones grant from Harris County Department of Education / Harris County Education Foundation through the Drones, Robotics, and the Explorers’ Program.

The use of drones is an emerging technology that frequently stimulates a student’s interest and may be used to help steer them toward careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related disciplines. Additionally, those early interests are often the catalyst that ignites professional pursuits and leads to meaningful and productive careers in computer science, construction project management, petroleum engineering, aviation, digital coding, agriculture, and entertainment.

SMSD is committed to preparing students to compete and excel in the advanced technology and digital space of the 21st Century. The knowledge, training, and skill sets obtained by SMSD students who endeavor to master the drone technology offers students a technology-rich setting to experience and explore in a small way and the much larger universe of aerodynamics.