PRESS RELEASE: Stafford MSD No Active Safety Threat, But Taking Maximum Precautions

December 2, 2021 – STAFFORD, Texas – Considering some of the recent and tragic school safety events, Stafford MSD wants our families, staff, and community to know that we remain committed to campus safety and security while we strive to provide academic excellence.

On Wednesday, December 1, there was a practice drill for an emergency lockdown that took place on the entire complex as planned. On Thursday, December 2, a threat of violence was reported to the district. SMSD administration and the Stafford Police Department began investigating the report immediately, and after further investigation, have found there is not a current threat of violence to any of our campuses.

Throughout the school year, our district will prioritize crisis planning and emergency response procedures to maintain awareness on all of our campuses. We are grateful for the strong partnership between Stafford MSD, the City of Stafford, and the Stafford Police Department for making this commitment possible 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

All district operations and classes will continue on Friday, December 3, as we take maximum precautionary measures including increased police presence throughout campus. If you would like to report any school safety issues, such as threats or dangerous rumors, please contact an administrator or police officer based on your student’s campus.