MASBA Donates to SMSD Library

MASBA Donates to SMSD Library

Our SMSD Library Coordinator, Mr. Horace Shane Kenney was pleased to accept a donation of two books from Xavier Herrera, the Board Secretary of Mexican American School Boards Association (MASBA). These books hold special significance as they were written and edited by Dr. Jayme Mathias, the Executive Director of MASBA. 

"History tends to get lost if we don't have it documented. These books were written to encourage those students who are considering going into public education. Look at all of the opportunities and decide what you want to be: Superintendent, Board Trustee, Communications Coordinator. They see people that look like them in these positions and think, 'Hey, I can do it, too.' "

Mr. Xavier Herrera, MASBA Secretary and SMSD Board of Trustees Vice President

Viva La Lucha was written as told to and transcribed by Dr. Mathias. It's a personal reflection on the 50th anniversary of MASBA. Seats at the Table is edited by Dr. Mathias and gives school board member's perspectives on race and racism.

Both former SMSD Board Trustee Joe Longoria and current Vice President Herrera are mentioned several times in Viva La Lucha. They are the only two SMSD trustees to serve this statewide organization. Mr. Longoria became a charter member of MASBA in 1995.

"I'm proud and very relieved that we have a school board member [Xavier Herrera] that carried on the tradition in Stafford and Fort Bend to stay involved with MASBA."

Mr. Joe Longoria, MASBA Founding Member and former SMSD Board Trustees President

Last year MASBA provided scholarship opportunities for two Spartan seniors from the Class of 2020, Kyle Olivier and Jasmine Martinez. Kyle Olivier was the first non-hispanic recipient of this scholarship.

"We're members of these types of organizations because they are out for the right reasons. They're out for kids and differentiated representation. Many times we are not at the table, but we want to be and we will be."

Dr. Robert Bostic, SMSD Superintendent of Schools

MASBA is a voluntary, non-profit, statewide education association that has served local Texas school boards since 1970. MASBA is focused on closing gaps in our Texas public schools, particularly for the Latinx students who comprise the majority in our Texas public schools, and for the English Language Learners who are expected to be 20% of our Texas public schools by 2020. MASBA is also a branch of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

MASBA Donates to SMSD Library