Kickstart Shines at Holiday Events

Last week, the Kickstart Kids program from Stafford MSD was cordially invited to perform at a Christmas party / fundraiser at a private residence in River Oaks. Kickstart Kids' Founders Chuck and Gena Norris were special guests and attended the event.  The student performance was captivating, and their hard work, dedication, and behavior were all a wonderful representation for the district.   

Special Demo Team
Miguel Avellaneda - 11th grade
Aaron Pham - 11th grade
Emmerson Swasey - 9th grade
Samuel Beltran - 9th grade
Zach Reichling - 9th grade
Dylan Nguyen - 8th grade
Summer Escobar - 8th grade
Manuel Lazo - 7th grade
Ray Tan - 7th grade (STEM)
Agni Hernandez - 6th grade

All are welcome to attend the Kickstart Belt Ceremony on Wednesday, December 8 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Stafford Middle School Red Gym where the Demo Teams will perform again.