EOY Student iPad Information

EOY Student iPad Information

At this time of the year, it's important for our technology team to review and reset each device in order to keep iPads in the best condition. In order to do this, we need all Spartan students to return their iPads even if they plan to return for summer learning. Students will be able to turn in their device on the date set by the campus principal, and/or after the last final exam. Students who are registered for summer learning will be able to check out a device again at a later date. Campuses will send parents additional information through ClassDojo, Remind and/or SchoolMessenger.

Charging Blocks & Cables should be turned in by: 

  • All students from SECC
  • All students from SES
  • All students who are not returning next school year

Charging Blocks & Cables can be kept by:

  • All returning students from SMS
  • All returning students from SSMA
  • All returning students from SHS 

Important Note: Students that move or leave the district without returning our device will receive further communication from Technology and risk serious penalties. Parents and/or guardians will have 10 days to return the device or the Stafford Police Department will begin processing the theft of the device. For lost equipment, fees should be paid through the Revtrak system on the district website. For questions, please contact the Technology Department at 281-261-9357.

We Appreciate Your Help!
SMSD Technology Department

EOY Student iPad Information