A STEM Leader at Stafford Middle School

Byron Thompson arrived at Stafford Middle School in 2008 as a Mathematics Teacher and now teaches Science.

“Science and Math were always my favorite subjects growing up,” Thompson said. “When it comes to STEM, no one ever says ‘when am I going to use this?’”

Thompson is the Stafford Middle School Teacher of the Month for January.

“It means people know and approve of my contributions,” Thompson said. “I like that.”

Thompson said teaching at Stafford is special because he can see his students excel long after they’ve matriculated from his Seventh Grade Life Science Course.

Thompson grew up in New Orleans and graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a degree in Psychology/Business.

In addition to teaching Science, Thompson is also a coach for both the Stafford High School and Stafford Middle School Robotics Teams.

He’s worked alongside Frank Hoang in guiding the SHS Robotics Team to the World Championships.

“It’s been great – Frank is a genius, and I’ve learned a ton from him,” Thompson said.

Thompson said he enjoys Robotics so much that he often devotes his free time to it.