2022 HLSR School Art District Awards

In January, SMSD participated in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Program and competed in district shows judged by the HLSR's School Art Committee. The artwork is divided into three categories: elementary, junior high and high school and the awards for each category include Best of Show, Gold Medal and Special Merit. All of the artwork submitted is eligible for the HLSR School Art Auction later this year.

Our very own district show will be held in front of the SHS Art Rooms behind the cafeteria all week through Friday, January 28, and all are invited to get a close up of the pieces from students.


Congratulations to all of our student winners and their art teachers this year!



SES Best of Show: Jordan Casey Flores, A Rooster’s Life, 2022 (Mr. James Mas)


SES Gold Medal: Helen Miranda, The Cow Family, 2022 (Mr. James Mas)




SMS Best of Show: Leisha McArthur, Welcome Home, 2022 (Ms. Stephany Garcia)


SMS Gold Medal: Axel Gavia, Desert At Dusk, 2022 (Ms. Pamma Mock)




SHS Best of Show: Alejandra Robles, The Endurance of Hope, 2022 (Ms. Tammy Bui)


SHS Gold Medal: Andrei Roque, Promise Keepers, 2022 (Ms. Tammy Bui)


SHS Gold Medal: Justin Amomoy, Towards Heritage, 2022 (Ms. Tammy Bui)