Non-Resident Student Transfer

Application deadline for 2020-21 enrollment is April 20, 2020.

On April 20, 2020 SMSD will begin accepting Non-Resident Renewal Transfer Applications from  students who are presently attending Stafford MSD on a non-resident transfer. The deadline date for renewal applications has been extended to Monday, April 20, 2020. There is no automatic renewal.  If you do not apply within the application period, you must return to your home school. 

Campus Grade Levels Registrars Contact #
Stafford Elementary Grades K-1

Lilibeth Duran

Stafford Elementary Grades 2-4 Maria De La Rosa 281-261-9200
Stafford Intermediate Grades 5-6 Raquel Tyler 281-208-6103
Stafford Middle Grades 7-8 Nathalie Beltran 281-261-9264
Stafford High Grades 9-12 Lynn Morris 281-261-9204