Summer Learning

Research has shown that students begin the school year at lower academic levels than they had at the beginning of the Summer. This phenomenon is known as Summer loss and here at Stafford MSD we are committed to ensuring that we fill those Summer learning gaps as much as possible. It is important for students to continue to engage in academic activities through out the Summertime in order to prepare them for the school year ahead. By doing this, we ensure that our students do not lose a significant amount of knowledge and that they are able to be successful once they enter the new school year.

This site provides parents, students, and educators with information regarding our Summer learning and enrichment programs. Here you will find information about the following:

  • 2020 Summer School Program
  • 2020 Summer Enrichment Programs
  • Texas Home Learning (Provided by TEA)

Check back periodically for updates as new information will be added to the site as it is made available.  

Summer School

We are happy to continue our student's learning with our Summer school programs this year.

Summer Enrichment Programs

It is our goal to provide enriching activities to increase student achievement for the upcoming school year. 

Texas Home Learning

TEA has developed at-home learning resources to utilize during this health crisis while students are at home. 

Additional Summer Programs

Summer Learning Online Resources

Summer Learning Plans for Teachers