iPad setup guide

Stafford MSD provides its students with an iPad to use in the classroom for education purposes. Every child enrolled is eligible to receive an iPad after signing the Student iPad Agreement Form. To access your school iPad, please see the setup guide and information below.

Student iPad Agreement Form

In order for your student to receive and use an iPad, fill out the student agreement form by following the link below and searching by the student's 6 Digit ID number. The iPad will be inventoried and assigned to your student's account. The student will receive the iPad during school hours.

Early Childhood Center & Elementary School
Students will be assigned an iPad but they will stay in the classroom for the school year and cannot be taken home. Teachers will pass out the assigned iPad when the devices are needed for learning activities.

STEM Magnet Academy / Middle School / High School
Students will be assigned an iPad. Students from these campuses will be able to take the device home for homework or learning activities. Students must bring the iPad fully charged to school everyday. 


Student Email Account Information

Every student is given an email and password. Student email accounts are restricted and cannot send or receive email from outside the domain of Stafford MSD. Email accounts are used to sign into school application resources only. SMA / MS / HS are only able to email their teachers.

Password information will be given to the student and parents through internal communications from the school.

iPad Setup


Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help?

We are available to assist during school hours at the SMSD Technology Helpdesk Number:  281-261-9357