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Have you ever...

  • Been online using a phone, tablet, or computer?
  • Read or sent an email or text?
  • Typed a document, completed a presentation, or created some other thing using an electronic application?
  • Had a conversation with someone via Face Time, Skype, Flipgrid or some other app?
  • Engaged in an online discussion about a particular topic?
  • Shared a picture, document, video, website link, or anything else with someone using a technology tool?
  • Watched a video or movie using a device?
  • Learned anything or shared what you learned about something when doing any of the above activities?
  • Used a technology device in any way and learned something from it?

If you can answer "Yes" to any one of the above questions, then chances are you have engaged in online learning, especially if you created something that you shared with another person.  The learning you did just wasn't designed and implemented by one of your current teachers or another educator.

Educators in Stafford are starting to think about ways to help kids participate in learning beyond the classroom, using virtual means. Students in will have the chance to show what they know by completing online activities. This falls right in line with our district mission of preparing you for college and career.

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