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Parent/Guardian involvement is essential to the success of students. For any educational system to run efficiently, and provide effective learning, all stakeholders must be invested and this includes parents/guardians. In a brick and mortar building, parents are charged with making sure that students are in attendance on a regular basis. In a virtual setting, this responsibility is just as important, if not more.

Attendance, in a virtual environment, can be tracked based on time-stamped login information, completion of various assignments and activities, and communication with the teacher through email and messaging.  When lessons are delivered online, students are still expected to be in attendance and engaged with learning activities.

Stafford MSD appreciates the continued support of our parents and guardians in ensuring the success of our students.  The resources provided here can aide in the process of continuous, ongoing learning  outside of the classroom. 

Student iPad Agreement

Technology Resources

Learning Guidance and Resources for Parents and Guardians

Innovation at Home

Special Education Toolkit for Parents