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You've made it through a tough year. Pat yourself on the back! Be sure to keep the following in mind as you learn a myriad of new things over Summer to carry over into next year.

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    Be kind to yourself and your students.  Everyone is stressed, even if they're playing cool.
  2. Let's acknowledge that the quality of education will not be as good in alternative formats as it is in the pedagogical model we've actually planned for.  That's OK as well. 
  3. Take baby steps. Thinking you can manage best practices in a day or a week will lead to feeling like you have failed. 
  4. You will not recreate your classroom, and you cannot hold yourself to that standard.  Moving a class to a distance learning model in a day's time excludes the possibility of excellence.  Please give yourself a break.
  5. Prioritize:  what do students really need to know for the next few days or weeks? 
  6. Stay in contact with your students, and stay transparent.  Let them know why you are having them do the things you are asking them to do.
  7. If you are thinking about making some video, student viewership drops off after 5 minutes.  Make them capsule learning videos and make sure your audio is good enough that others can hear you clearly.
  8. Be particularly kind to your graduating seniors.  They are already panicking.  If you teach a class where they need to have completed something for certification or to apply to a specific school, work with your colleagues to find a plan B. Then communicate it to the student.  Radio silence is not okay.  

As you begin to enter the following pages, please keep these words in mind and know that you have a village here to support you on your journey.   

Please check back periodically for updates as more resources will be added as necessary.  

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