Middle School

Utilizing 21st-century teaching and learning strategies to provide an atmosphere of high expectations for all students in their pursuit of academic achievement, as well as to assist each student in the development of productive citizenship and cultural awareness.

Stafford Middle School creates a culture of pride in the community and campus that supports the development of life-long learners who are prepared for high school and post-secondary opportunities through advanced classroom instruction, early crediting opportunities, and access to our state-of-the-art career and technology center.

Language Arts

Literacy instruction enabling students read and highly literate in our global society. Students broadly and authentically apply reading and writing skills.


Mathematical thinkers are empowered through analysis, synthesis, processing, and solving real-world problem situations.


Students test ideas with evidence gathered from the natural world, then observe, classify, reason, and predict – skills of benefit throughout life.

Social Studies

Discover history and culture of societies around the world. Students thoroughly explore the complex issues that affect our global society.