College & Career Development

Offering courses that are designed to prepare students with the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in today’s high-demand occupational environment.

Students will have the opportunity to utilize their academic skills in the following career fields: Law/Criminal Justice, Business Management, Business Administration and Marketing, Graphic Arts, Audio/Video Broadcasting and Film Making, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Automotive Technology, and Manufacturing.

The curriculum used for all the Academy programs is technically based, rigorous, relevant, and aligned with Business/Industry Standards for the 21st Century workforce.

Through the College and Career Center Academy Programs students have an opportunity to enter the job market with high-paying skills or they may continue their education after graduating from High School. Many of the Academy programs offer industry recognized certifications as well as dual credit opportunities with neighboring post-secondary community colleges allowing students to earn college credit while fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

Dual Credit at Houston Community College (HCC)

Dual credit classes are offered through Houston Community College for Business, Culinary Arts, Film/Video Production and Welding, as well as the Core Academics. Each Dual Credit Program allows students to complete an Associate's of Arts degree, which is 60 College Credit hours, as well as a Level I or II Certification.

The 12 Career Pathways