Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Language Programs

Will learning two languages confuse a child or delay academic progress?

Research has demonstrated that young children have the capacity to learn languages and show stronger cognitive abilities as a result (Hakuta, 1990).  Some research on linguistic development, and perception has suggested that bilinguals can benefit from significant cognitive advantages over monolingual peers in various settings.  According to Peal and Lambert, “bilinguals have greater mental flexibility, abstract thinking, superior concept formulation and higher verbal IQ than monolinguals.”

Why is it better for a child to learn language at the elementary level?

Research has found that it takes five to seven years to become proficient in a second language socially and academically.  Developing fluency in more technical, academic language can depend on many variables such as language proficiency level, age and time of arrival at school, level of academic proficiency in the native language, and the degree of support provided (Cummins).  Also, children tend to develop more native-like pronunciation when language learning begins before adolescence.

Will students in one of the language programs learn the same things as in the general educational classroom?

Yes, the program bases the curriculum on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Academic education and world languages go hand in hand as we endeavor to prepare student to become global citizens (Heining-Boynton & Redmond, 2013).  Students in a language program received 100% of the grade level core curriculum.  One of the differences in this type of program is that students receive a portion of their language development and/or academics in the target language.

Is there a cost to the program?

No, language programs at Stafford Municipal School District are part of a public school and, therefore, there is no cost to the public.

How do I enroll my student?

Outside Stafford Municipal School District

Complete the non-resident student transfer found on the district website under parent and students tab and return completed form to prospective campus.  Once the transfer is approved, request and complete a specific language program enrollment form and return to campus registrar.

Within the Stafford Municipal School Attendance Area

Request the specific language program enrollment application and return to prospective campus registrar.