Bilingual Learning Center PK-2
Bilingual Learning Centers
Bilingual Learning Centers (BLCs) are designated areas in the classroom where students learn together (bilingual pair) with one activity and independent from the teacher. Activities in the BLCs provide opportunities for L1 and L2 acquisition and content learning is reinforced, as there are English and Spanish activities in each BLC regardless of the Language of Instruction for that content area. At minimum a PK-2 DLE classroom should have a BLC for each of the core subject areas: reading, math, science and social studies. BLC activities should complement skills learned during content instruction and provide on-going reinforcement of grade level standards. For math, science & SS BLCs, a 3:1 ratio of
activities in LOI is desired to support LOI. Third grade teachers will create Bilingual Resource Centers but may choose to utilize Bilingual Learning Centers as well.