Today's world is geared toward computers. Proper keyboarding helps us do the best job that we can with the tools we have. Whether it's typing a report or essay, doing data entry, or just emailing our friends, we all need good typing skills. Young children who know their ABC's can find the letters on the keyboard. By 4th grade, students are doing research and typing their reports or stories. It is very important that they are taught to type the correct way. With training, patience, and lots of practice, even young students can master the skills needed in today's world.

Keyboarding is training your fingers and your brain to work together. Using the sense of touch is more important than using the sense of sight. Being able to type without constantly looking at the hands increases speed and accuracy. When we keyboard, we are using muscle memory. It's the same way our muscles are trained when we ride a bicycle, play a musical instrument, or play video games. If you can play video games without looking at your hands, you can keyboard!

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