What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math and exposes students to all of those subjects in order to teach them the "21st century learning skills" necessary to compete in today's competitive work force. The idea is that we are preparing students for jobs that have not yet been created and, in order to do that, we must foster skills like collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and creativity. 

In Stafford Municipal School District, we strive to do just that, by ensuring that all of our students have exposure to Math and Science curriculum from early childhood all the way to 12th grade. We also offer lots of other opportunities for our students to engage in STEM activities through our award winning robotics program as well as several courses offered in our College and Career Center.

Here are a few of the courses and programs students have access to in Stafford MSD:

Math (EC-12)
Science (EC-12)
Robotics (Middle and High School)
Tech Club (Grades 2-4)
SMSD Computer Coding Club (Coming Soon!)
Principles of Applied Engineering (CTE)
Principles of Information Technology (CTE)
Computer Programming (CTE)
Audio Video Production (CTE)
Graphic Design & Illustration (CTE)

ScienceScience 2Junior RoboticsAudio Video