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A Hand with Insurance Benefits
 Welcome to your Benefits Page! We're here to assist you. Below you will find important information concerning your medical insurance, supplemental benefits, and all other benefits offered by Stafford Municipal School District.  

Nancy Martinez 
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone (281) 261-9271 


TRS Active Care Medical Plans 2017-2018:
TRS Active Care Customer Service and Caremark: 1-800-222-9205
2017-2018 TRS Active Care Rates
2017-2018 TRS Active Care Plans
TRS Active Care Website: http://www.trsactivecareaetna.com
Caremark RX Plan Website: https://www2.caremark.com/trsactivecare/
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Humana Dental
2017-2018 Humana DHMO & PPO
Account Access
Find a Dental Provider

Humana Dental Customer Service#: 1-800-233-4013

Eye Med Vision:
2017-2018 EyeMed Vision Highlights

Find a Vision Provider
EyeMed Customer Service #: 1-888-581-3648

All other Supplemental Benefits:
American Fidelity Core Disability Brochure
American Fidelity Long Term Disability Brochure
American Fidelity Gap Brochure
MetLife Accident Brochure
Allstate Cancer Brochure
AFFLAC Cancer Brochure
Humana Critical Illness Brochure
Texas Life Permanent Life Insurance Brochure
Legal Shield Brochure​​​​​​
HSA Employee Overview Flyer

Flexible Spending and Dependent Care:
FSA and Dependent Care plans are administered by FFGA. If you have lost or have not received your card please contact FFGA at 1-866-853-3539

FF Flex Mobile App
FF Flex Mobile is available for Apple or Android devices on the App Store or the Google Play Store.Your Employer ID Number is FFA918. This is needed to register your account to the FF Flex Mobile App.

FSA Store

First Financial has partnered with the FSA Store to bring you an easy to use online store to better understand and manage your FSA.

      * Shop at FSA Store for eligible items from bandages to
         wheel chairs and thousands of products in between.

      * Browse or search for eligible products and services using  
         the FSA Eligibility List.

      * Visit the FSA Learning Center to help find answers
         to questions you may have about your FSA.

Retirement Plans:

Stafford MSD Retirement Plans are administered by FFGA. You may enroll at anytime during the year. You may enroll by clicking on www.ffga.com or by contacting FFGA at 1-800-523-8422.

403B Newsletter
FFInvest 457 Retirement Plan

Qualifying Events:

You are eligible to make changes to your benefits during your plan year if you experience a Qualifying Event. Please note you have 31 days from your Qualifying Event date to make any changes. Documentation received after 31 days from the Qualifying Event date will not be processed and changes will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period.

Examples of Qualifying Events:

1.) Marriage or divorce
2.) Birth, adoption death of a spouse/child
3.) Change in spouse's or dependent's employment status
4.) Change in eligibility status of a dependent
5.) Substantial increase in a benefit premium
6.) Becoming Medicare eligible
7.) Spousal open enrollment